September 2022

Her love and passion for all horses will forever be admired


She was seen on horseback from the age of 4 to 94

Horses were pivotal to her duties, ceremonies, family life and escapism

Taking care in their breeding through to their retirement

A lover of all breeds and types from Shetland ponies to racehorses

A Patron of the Fell Pony Society to The Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association alongside others

A winner of more than 1800 races and British Leading Owner twice

Never missing a Windsor Horse Show in 80 years

Mother of a European Eventing Champion, and grandmother of a World Eventing Champion

Wife of a Polo Champion, former FEI President of 22 years and instigator of Nations Cups and competitive Carriage Driving

A truly devoted equestrian and ambassador of horse care

 and never forgotten.

We will miss you

Rest in Peace, Queen Elizabeth II, reunited with your Duke

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