Gallop® Conditioning Shampoo

Gallop® Conditioning Shampoo

Conditioning shampoo that removes dirt, grease and dust


Gallop® Conditioning Shampoo has a distinctive, traditional aroma that removes dirt, sweat and grease from the coat and is suitable for routine use. Thanks to the low foaming formula, it is quick to use and easy to rinse.


Add 5-6 capfuls to a bucket of water, or apply undiluted to a wet coat. Massage into the coat with a sponge, brush or by hand, then rinse thoroughly for immediate results.

500ml will last for 5-10 washes.

Size: 500ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre


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I absolutely love Gallop Conditioning Shampoo. My pony Fancy’s socks went from non-existent to pristine – Rebecca N.



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