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Quality and Sustainability


Sustainable Manufacturing: Our Approach and Practices

Connolly’s RED MILLS Group, owner of Carr & Day & Martin focuses on sustainable manufacturing practices across all its sites

An important one is how we manage wastewater across our sites and at the Goresbridge factory, the focus has been managing wastewater in harmony with the thriving wildlife nearby, while our wastewater at our Carr & Day & Martin manufacturing site is held and sent for treatment to an approved facility which turns the water into biogas via anaerobic digesters.

This ensures our wastewater is environmentally friendly, and sustainable and is contributing to sources of renewable energy. Furthermore, the site where Carr & Day & Martin is produced is a member of Sedex and has been SMETA audited to ensure we comply with our social, environmental, and sustainability practices.

Moreover, we have long been utilising 100% renewable energy sources across all sites as standard practice, showcasing our commitment to sustainability through carbon footprint reduction, water usage management, and the promotion of sustainable packaging.

Our key staff are trained in sustainability practices and continue to introduce new initiatives in both our offices and factories. We remain dedicated to exceeding our sustainability targets and advancing our vision.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Our Packaging Commitment

Championing Sustainability: Our Clear Roadmap and Progress

As the world becomes increasingly aware of its carbon footprint, consumers are increasingly seeking more eco-friendly packaging without compromising the product and with no additional cost.

However, packaging plays a critical role in the protection and secondly, the marketing of the product, therefore any change is a complex project and a number of areas need to be reviewed including product protection, quality efficacy, market research, and recycling policies.

We are continuously exploring more sustainable packaging options across our entire business, such as the use of biodegradable materials, eliminating single-use plastic in products, introducing more PET/recyclable plastic, and refillable product options.

Our hard work has paid off and we have made significant progress in this area. Carr & Day & Martin has been exemplary in introducing more eco-friendly products and packaging options in the last two years alone, and our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices only continues to grow.

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Sustainability Achievements to Date

Refills: Reducing Waste and Environmental Impact

Expanding our Refill Pack choices for our Caring Customers

In recent years we have worked on adding refill options to our range and a noteworthy one was introduction of a 2.5-litre refill pack for our market-leading Canter® Mane & Tail product. This innovative option allows customers to purchase a larger unit and refill and reuse their 500ml spray bottle, greatly reducing packaging waste.

This is in addition to other refill options we already supply, such as our 5-litre bulk refill option for our popular GALLOP® horse shampoo.  Join us in our mission to reduce waste and make a positive impact on the environment by choosing a refill option from our range.

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Introduction of Biodegradable Tack Cleaning Mitts

A More Environmentally Friendly Choice for Our Eco-friendly Conscious Customers.  

We were thrilled to introduce our biodegradable tack-cleaning mitts as a sustainable alternative to individually sealed tack-cleaning wipes. Our Belvoir® Tack Cleaning Mitts are not only biodegradable but also eliminate the waste produced from the individual wrapper of the wipes, and have quickly gained popularity among customers seeking environmentally friendly options without compromising quality.

We were proud to offer our customers an eco-conscious product offering for tack cleaning that leads to waste reduction and minimises our environmental impact as part of our sustainability target & goals.

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Our successful transition from Single-Use Plastic to Recyclable Aluminum Bottles

Conquering the Challenge: Eliminating Single-Use Bottles Successfully

We took the decision to transition from single-use plastic ‘Flairsol’ bottles to recyclable aluminum bottles for all of our spray products. This was a significant undertaking, and we are thrilled to have successfully managed the changeover while continuing to supply our customers with the same high-quality products they know and trust.

Our market-leading Canter® Mane & Tail, Dreamcoat, FLYGARD®, and all their variations are now available in recyclable aluminum bottles, and we are proud to be contributing to the reduction of single-use plastic waste and our responsibility as a company to do our part in reducing our environmental impact.

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Belvoir Tack Tray- Saddle Soap Carr Day Martin

Removal of Plastic Tray from Iconic Belvoir Tack Conditioner

We are thrilled to introduce our latest eco-friendly initiative for 2023: the iconic Belvoir® Tack Conditioner Tray will soon feature a special paper wrapping within a cardboard sleeve, eliminating the need for a plastic tray, while promising the same great quality product for you the customer.

This step marks another stride in our ongoing mission to reduce plastic usage throughout our product range. We hope you appreciate this sustainable product choice as much as we do.

Belvoir® Tack Conditioner Tray

Beyond Compliance: Pioneering Eco-Friendly Packaging for a Better Tomorrow

At Carr & Day & Martin, introducing eco-friendly packaging and choices are deeply ingrained in our core values. We look forward to sharing our next steps in the journey with you.

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Our Vision for A Sustainable Future

We are committed for the long term to exceed and excel for a greener future. 

Sustainability is the foundation of our product development, manufacturing, and packaging, as we passionately create high-quality products that fulfill our customers’ needs while minimising our environmental footprint.

We are committed not only to meeting legal and regulatory targets but also to surpassing them, as we strive for excellence in shaping a greener future through our environmentally conscious initiatives. Our vision is to be a pioneer in sustainable manufacturing and to continue to innovate toward a more sustainable future for our equine customers.

Our ultimate goal is to give our loyal customers more eco-friendly product options every year produced in manufacturing sites that care for the environment & its employees. #youcarewecare.

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