Flies are some of the most common insects in the world, and they can be found almost everywhere. Despite their small size they can cause quiet a nuisance for you and your horse this time of year as the weather starts to warm up.

Did You Know?

  1. Flies survive on a liquid diet, they don’t have chewing mouth parts so can only drink
  2. Flies eyes provided them with nearly a 360-degree field of view, which allows them to see behind themselves.
  3. It is only the female horse fly that bites, and can get up to 1 inch in length.
  4. Horse flies are attracted to movement, and darker coloured horses
  5. Stable flies can travel up to 20km to find a new host.
  6. Stable flies belong to the genus Stomoxys, Latin for “Sharp mouth”, fitting as their bites are painful!
  7. Midges, only the females bite and the males live on plant nectar, causing no bother to horses at all.
  8. Midges have tiny wings and can’t fly in wind over 7mph
  9. There are more than 1,000 species of black flies
  10. Flies taste with their feet , taste receptors are located on lower legs and feet they will land and walk around before they feed.

CDM Fly Product Repellent and Insecticide Ingredients

  • DEET – A higher percentage of DEET does not necessarily mean better protection. Instead it identifies how long the protection may last, usually under ideal conditions.
  • DEET does not kill, but repels flies. When applied correctly, DEET forms a vapour barrier at the skin surface that deters mosquitoes and biting insects from landing on the skin.
  • DEET was originally developed by the U.S. army in 1946 for use by military personnel in insect-infested areas.

Recommended DEET Product – FLYGARD® Extra Strength

  • Citriodiol – Naturally sourced active ingredient ,Citriodiol is obtained from the Eucalyptus Citriodora tree. Proven to effectively repel insects.
  • Citronella – Citronella oil is one of the essential oils obtained from the leaves and stems of different species of Cymbopogon, commonly known as Lemongrass.

Recommended Citriodiol & Citronella Products – FLYGARD® and Citromax

  • Cypermethrin – Cypermethrin works by quickly affecting the insect’s central nervous system, killing insects that eat or come into contact with it.

Recommended Cypermethrin Product – FLYGARD® Protector

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