Summer is the season for lots of show and events, where you want your horse to shine. To get your horse looking their absolute best we’ve got Gallop Colour Enhancing Shampoo is your go to shampoo. Our shampoos are designed to enhance and intensify your horse’s natural coat colour, making them stand out in the show ring.

Why Choose Gallop Colour Enhancing Shampoos?

Colour Enhancement: Whether your horse is bay, black, grey, chestnut or palomino there’s a specific formula to enhance their natural coat colour, making it richer and more vibrant. Although an exact colour match is not necessary to achieve outstanding results.

Deep Cleaning: Gallop shampoos provide a deep, thorough clean, removing dirt, sweat and grime leaving your horses coat gleaming.

Show Ready Shine: Infused with optical brighteners, Gallop Colour Enhancing Shampoos leave your horses coat gleaming and show-ready.

Gentle on Skin: Formulated to be gentle, theses shampoos are suitable for regular use and won’t irritate your horses skin.

Gallop Colour Enhancing Chestnut Horse Shampoo

How To Use Gallop Colour Enhancing Shampoos

Preparing your horse for a summer show with Gallop Colour Enhancing Shampoos is simple and effective:

  1. Wet the Coat: Thoroughly we your horses’ coat with clean water.
  2. Apply Shampoo: Apply the shampoo directly onto your horse coat, a sponge or add to a bucket of water, whichever your prefer.
  3. Lather and Massage: Work the shampoo into a lather, massaging it into the coat.
  4. Rinse Thoroughly: Rinse well with clean water until no shampoo residue remains.
Gallop Colour Enhancing Best Shampoo for show prep

Tips for Best Results

Consistent Use: Regular use leading up to a show will ensure your horse coat remains bright and healthy.

Combine with Conditioners: Apply Dreamcoat conditioner to keep the coat soft, manageable and add extra shine.

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Wash Bay Essential

Adding a splash of Gallop Colour Enhancing Shampoo to your horses show prep routine can make a significant difference in their appearance and turnout in the show ring. This summer, let your horse shine with a coat that radiates health and vibrancy. Whether you’re aiming for the rosette or simply want your horse to look its best, these shampoos are an essential addition to your grooming box.

Prepare for your next show with confidence! Try Carr & Day & Martins Gallop Colour Enhancing Shampoo and experience the difference yourself.