As the warm weather rolls in, so do the flies. For horses, these pesky insects can be more than just annoying; they can cause discomfort and distress. But fear not, there’s a solution that not only helps keep flies at bay but also ensures your horse can enjoy the sunshine in peace with Flygard Protector.

Understanding the Need

Flies aren’t just a nuisance; they can also pose health risks to horses. From causing skin irritations to transmitting diseases, flies can make a horse’s life miserable. This is especially true when horses are stabled or kept in horse boxes, where they’re more susceptible to fly infestations.

Introducing Flygard Protector

An effective solution to the fly problem is Flygard Protector insecticidal surface spray. This specially formulated spray is designed to have a knock down effect on flies and other biting insects.

How it Works

Flygard Protector creates a protective barrier on surfaces, effectively repelling and killing flies, preventing them from bothering your horse. By apply the spray to the interior of the stable or horse box, you can create a fly-free environment where your horse can relax and enjoy the warm weather without the constantly having to swat away insects.

No fly zone

Using Flygard Protector

Ready to use simple and straightforward insecticide

Preparation: Ensure the area to be sprayed is cleared of anything you don’t want to treat. Remove any bedding or equipment that may interfere with application.

Application: Shake bottle well before use. Hold the bottle approximately 30cm away from the surface and spray evenly, covering all areas where flies may land or congregate.

Reapplication: Depending on the level of fly activity and environmental conditions, reapply Flygard Protector as needed. Typically, reapplication every 6 weeks is sufficient to maintain effectiveness.

Safety: Avoid spraying directly onto the horse.

Insecticide spray for horse stable

Benefits of Flygard Protector

Effective: Flygard Protector provides long-lasting protection against flies and biting insects, ensuring your horse remains comfortable and free from irritation.

Convenient: Ready to use insecticide with an easy-to-use spray application, Flygard Protector makes fly control hassle-free for horse owners.

Fast Acting: The water based insecticide formula containing Cypermethrin has a fast acting ‘knock-down’ effect on flies and insects.

Flygard Protector offers a simple yet effective solution to the perennial problem of flies. By creating a protective barrier against these pesky insects, Flygard Protector allows your horse to enjoy the warm weather fly-free, whether they’re in their stable or horse box. With regular application, you can ensure your horse remains comfortable and content, no matter the weather!