All about myself

My name is Lily Murphy. I am eleven years old and in my last year of primary school. I have two sisters, one brother, a Mummy and a Daddy. My sister Ellie who is nine years old also competes ponies alongside me.  We live in an old cottage in the countryside with our ponies in the garden.

The ponies I’ve had this year

I am very lucky to have had three ponies to compete on  this summer. Their names are Rex [Milford Spectacular] Harvey [Bronheulog Harvey] and our good friends pony Harry (Idyllic Tyranny) but we call him Harry Styles! Ellie’s pony is called Toffee (Waitwith Dynasty)

When did I start competing?

I started competing at the age of 4 on my first ever pony Claire, then Buzby at the age of five. Ellie started at the age of 3 and was very lucky to get all my old ponies.  We also like to share them.

What are my highlights of this season?

My highlights this season have definitely been summer camp at Iveagh Pony Club, getting to compete and win at Cavan [NIF] Festival for the first time, and winning Champion Working Hunter Pony at Armagh, Ballymena and Lurgan Agriculture Shows.  Ellie’s highlight was Winning Champion at NIF and then going reserve supreme mini pony.

How do we do prepare for shows?

We prepare for shows by bathing our ponies the day before using Carr & Day & Martin stain removing shampoo. When the ponies are clean and dry we use Carr & Day & Martin Main and tail spray, their Dreamcoat shine spray and Daily Hoof Moisturiser.

Once we have finished grooming the ponies we clean out their stables and put down new bedding because the first thing they like to do after their bath is to have a good roll and we don’t want to get their legs dirty again!

Next, we clean our tack and then use the Carr & Day & Martin Belvoir Leather Balsam intensive conditioner.  On the morning of the show we wake up early give our ponies a final groom. We put on our special secret that cleans all white socks – it’s the Carr & Day & Martin Stain Master.  It takes away all poo and grass stains. After a final spray of Dreamcoat we are ready to go!

What is your favourite grooming product at a show?

Our favourite grooming product for a show is Carr & Day & Martin Stain Master because it takes away all stains which is good for grey ponies. I also love Dreamcoat which is great for championships, it makes your pony/horse look fab and super shiny!

What product do you use most on show days?

The products we use most on show days are probably Dreamcoat and Canter Mane & Tail spray, which makes them look fab!

What are your turnout top tips?

Our turnout top tips are to groom your pony or horse every day, keep their legs clean from mud rash, give them some sunflower oil in their dinner to keep there coats shiny, and try to keep them rugged during the winter [it really keeps their coats in a good condition].

What is your fondest memory of your showing career?

My fondest memories from my showing career so far are getting my first ever sash on Rex at KnockaghView Equestrian Centre in 2019 or being fourth at Balmoral show (RUAS) in 2020.

Ellie fondest memories from her showing career is going Reserve Supreme at NIF and KnockaghView Equestrian Centre this summer.

What do like most about grooming at home?

What we love best about grooming at home is brushing off clumps of dirt off the ponies/horses legs when they’ve been brought in from the field.

What is your grooming advise for when you’re at home?

Our grooming advise is to try to groom your pony every day, and if your pony/horses’ mane goes everywhere my advice is to plait their mane down or the easier way is just put it into pigtails, which when you take them out it keeps their mane down.

We really hope you enjoyed my blog about me, my ponies and my tips on how to keep your pony in a good condition and keep it looking well.

Best of wishes from

Lily & Ellie Murphy