We are delighted to introduce you to the newest Carr & Day & Martin Farrier Ambassador, Gary Morgan of Morgan Farriers.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Gary is an eight generation farrier that shoes for some of Ireland’s top Stud Farms, Showjumpers and Racehorse Trainers. Gary has over 12 years of experience as a farrier and qualified as a Master Farrier in 2012. In his early years, he studied under his father turned business partner, Brendan Morgan, who is also a keen advocate of the Carr & Day & Martin Hoof Care products.

Gary is now a board member of the Irish Master Farriers Association and guest lectures at the Irish School of Farriery. He also holds workshops around the country and works closely with some of Irelands leading Veterinarians in solving hoof related problems.

When asked about the partnership with Carr & Day & Martin he explained “As an eight generation farrier, it makes sense to team up with Carr & Day & Martin as we are two long-standing businesses in the hoof care industry, complimenting each other for the benefit of the individual horse”

At this time of year Gary’s favourite products from our Hoof Care Range are the Cornucresine Hoof Ointment and the Hoof Moisturiser.