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Discover why our Customers Are our Biggest Fans Across the World

We are incredibly grateful for the widespread customer acclaim our extensive range of health care, leather, hoof, and coat care products has garnered across the world.

For over 250 years, Carr & Day & Martin has been dedicated to manufacturing the best quality horse care range, establishing its position as the unrivaled choice globally. This unwavering demand for our products is a testament to their exceptional quality. Our commitment to excellence has always been at the forefront, as we firmly believe that caring for horses is not just a task but a profound passion.

The positive feedback we receive from our esteemed brand ambassadors and loyal fans fills us with pride, and we express our gratitude for the ever-growing community we serve. Each day, we are delighted to hear stories of how our products have contributed to the happiness and beautiful condition of your horse as well as keeping your saddles & leather products in top nick!

Jessie Kirby- Carr Day Martin Horse Care Ambassador

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Our Gallery of Brand Ambassadors and Fans


Sonnar Murray-Brown

Grand Prix International Dressage Rider

Based in Gloucestershire, UK, Sonnar is an Ambassador of our Carr & Day & Martin products for Dressage events here and abroad.


Alex Bragg & Team Bragg

International Eventing Rider

Team Bragg loves our Gallop medicated shampoo for Tiger as quoted, “he’s quite an itchy horse and after clipping he sometimes comes out in a little rash. We find bathing him in Medicated Shampoo stops the rash and him becoming so itchy”.


Jessie Kirby

British Dressage Rider

Jessie is a fan of Carr & Day & Martin’s wide range of products, including Tea Tree Hoof Oil, Canter Mane & Tail, Gallop Shampoo, and more, for use in preparing for dressage events.


Cameron Beer

Eventing Coach & Event Rider

Cameron is a fan of a wide variety of Carr & Day & Martin products spanning leather cleaners, mane & tail detanglers, and coat conditioners.


Miles Buckley

International Show Training & Showing Expert

Dream coat is one of Miles’s favourite Carr & Day & Martin products and says that our Gallop Colour Enhancing Shampoo for greys is his go-to as an essential shampoo to intensify the silver look of the coats on our grey Arabian Showhorses.


Tuscany Read

Rider & Ambassador

Tuscany Read is a super fan of our Gallop Stain Removing Shampoo. “I’m shocked at how well and fast the stain remover shampoo worked! It was amazing”.


Lucy Robinson

Amateur Event Rider-Footluce Eventing

Lucy loves our Belvoir Tack Cleaning Mitts and says “They are game-changing super quick tack cleaning solution”.


Kirsty Aird

Olympic Showing Rider

Kirsty Aird, an accomplished International Showing rider, is a huge fan of our products. Her endorsement is a testament to the quality of our products on the International stage for Showing competitions.


Heike Holstein

Olympics Dressage Rider

We are delighted to have Heike Holstein, a renowned Olympics dressage rider, as an ambassador for our products. Heike uses our products to ensure her horses look the best at Dressage events worldwide.


Bex Mason

International Showjumper

We are delighted to have Bex as one of our brand ambassadors of Carr & Day & Martin, which she uses while competing on the international stage. Bex often uses our Canter Mane & Tail product for a shiny and tangle-free coat & mane.


Marlon Mondolo Zanotelli

International Showjumping Rider

We’re thrilled to share that Marlon, currently 7th-ranked showjumper in the Longines FEI World ranking, is a big fan of our grooming products! It’s an honour to have such a talented and respected equestrian endorse our products.


Laura Kraut

Olympics Showjumping Rider

We are thrilled that Laura is an ambassador for our products for competing around the world, with her trusty tack box favourites including Belvoir Tack Cleaner & Conditioner, Dream Coat, and Canter Mane & Tail.



Fan Club Member

Adventuresofmealie enjoyed using Gallop Stain Removing Shampoo for helping get Choccie back to grey after having lots of fun in the field!



Fan Club Member

“Canter Mane & Tail is my new found secret weapon when grooming my Welsh mountain pony Bonnie”


Shelly Smith Dressage

Fan Club Member

Dreamcoat is her favourite grooming product as it gives Sharp’s coat a great clean, glossy, and shiny coat, and bonus it smells great.


Nimbus Dextus

Fan Club Member

Tell me your horse loves FLYGARD Extra Strength fly spray, without telling me! *Disclaimer it was not sprayed in his mouth


Dinky Ponies

Fan Club Member

A fan of Dreamcoat. Quoted “It smells amazing”.