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A Helping Hand: Everyday Support for Equine Charities #YOUCAREWECARE

Fostering Equine Well-being: Carr & Day & Martin’s Dedication to Charitable Partnerships

Our unwavering dedication to promoting equine health, well-being, and education is epitomized by our enduring partnership with HAPPA and World Horse Welfare charity groups. These invaluable collaborations perfectly align with our core company values, further strengthening our commitment to the cause. We aim to expand our charity sponsorships across not just Europe but also in America and Canada.

Through our sponsorship program, our objective is to generate a tangible impact and provide substantial support to our partner charities. We extend our assistance by providing an extensive range of our horse care products, catering to specific requirements such as sweet itch treatments and fly protection, ensuring the welfare and well-being of the equine companions under their care.

Beyond product donations, we actively engage with these charities through raffle prizes, research collaborations, and the creation of informative digital content, fostering awareness and knowledge within the industry.

In addition to product contributions, we actively collaborate with these charities by offering raffle prizes, engaging in research partnerships, and producing educational digital content. Through these initiatives, we aim to raise awareness, enhance industry knowledge, and foster a deeper connection within the equine community.

Giving a helping hand every day. #youcarewecare



Looking Ahead: Our Vision for Tomorrow and Beyond

Expanding our Charitable Influence: Reaching Across Europe and America

Through establishing ourselves as Official Care Partners with carefully selected charities, our goal is to make a tangible impact through product offerings, training, education, and fundraising initiatives. Working in collaboration with our sister brands, Connolly's RED MILLS and Foran Equine which are also sold extensively across America , we strive to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to nourish, care for, and support horses and ponies in need. Our vision is to expand our partnerships with charities across America and Canada as well as Europe, as we relentlessly pursue a brighter and more compassionate world for all our equine companions.

Joining Forces with World Horse Welfare: Building a Brighter Future for Equine Companions Everywhere.

Carr & Day & Martin take great pride in joining forces with World Horse Welfare, standing side by side in their unwavering mission to enhance the well-being and livelihoods of horses.

In recent years, we have had the privilege of supporting the invaluable work of World Horse Welfare in promoting the welfare and well-being of horses. Aligned with their vision of a compassionate and respectful world for all horses, our partnership enables us to provide resources and contribute to ensuring that horses receive the care, protection, and second chances they truly deserve. Together, Carr & Day & Martin and World Horse Welfare are dedicated to forging a brighter future for horses globally, and our partnership continues to thrive, with our Brand Manager thrilled to add to this exceptional collaboration in the present year.

Caroline Davis, Carr & Day & Martin Brand Manager said:

“Further to working with World Horse Welfare last year, we are delighted to announce our partnership as the trusted care partner for their Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre. At Carr & Day & Martin, we have always been dedicated to the well-being and care of horses. We understand the commitment and resources required to provide these animals with the best chance at a new life and this collaboration allows us to extend our support to the remarkable work carried out by World Horse Welfare.”

Sue Hodgkins, Farm Manager at Hall Farm said:

“Once a horse comes into one of our farms, its recovery journey has only just begun. It can take many months of intensive care, feeding and physical rehabilitation before they are ready for rehoming and the costs associated with this are high. By sponsoring our stableyard, Carr & Day & Martin will be making a real and positive difference to the lives of ponies and horses in our care. The company is also generously offering prizes for events that take place at Hall Farm, and that is really helping to support us and all our visitors.”  

We hope to extend similar programs with American-based charities to make a real difference to the lives of all horses there also.

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Supporting HAPPA's Life-Saving Mission: Uniting for a Powerful Impact Together.

At Carr & Day & Martin, we are dedicated to creating a positive influence within the equestrian community, which is why we take immense pride in our partnership with HAPPA (Horse & Pony Protection Association)

With an unwavering commitment to saving equine lives since 1937, HAPPA holds a vision that closely resonates with our core values. We take great pride in being a sponsor of this remarkable charity, which offers a renewed lease on life to horses, ponies, donkeys, and their hybrids that have endured neglect or cruelty.

Through their dedicated rehoming efforts, HAPPA ensures that these mini horses are placed in caring forever homes where they can receive the lifelong care they truly deserve. By sponsoring HAPPA, we actively contribute to their life-saving endeavors, guaranteeing that these vulnerable animals receive the essential care and rehabilitation they need. Carr & Day & Martin and HAPPA stand united in our steadfast commitment to making a substantial impact and securing a brighter future for mistreated equines.

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