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Driving Sustainability: Our Manufacturing Approach and Practices

Connolly’s RED MILLS Group, the proud custodian of Carr & Day & Martin, prioritizes eco-friendly manufacturing practices across all its operational sites.

With a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility, we prioritize the effective management of wastewater across our sites. At the Goresbridge factory, we ensure wastewater coexists harmoniously with the vibrant local wildlife, while at our Carr & Day & Martin manufacturing site, wastewater is carefully collected and sent to an approved facility. Through the use of anaerobic digesters, this water is transformed into valuable biogas, exemplifying our commitment to sustainable practices.

Our dedication to wastewater management not only reduces environmental impact and upholds the highest standards but also plays a role in harnessing renewable energy sources. Additionally, the Carr & Day & Martin manufacturing site holds membership in Sedex and undergoes SMETA audits to ensure adherence to our social, environmental, and sustainability practices set out.

Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability is evident through our use of 100% renewable energy sources at all sites. This reflects our dedication to reducing carbon footprint, managing water usage, and promoting sustainable packaging.

With a team equipped with sustainability practices, we foster a culture of innovation in both our offices, farms and factories, dedicated to surpassing sustainability targets and pushing the boundaries of our vision.

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Sustainable Packaging: Our Commitment to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Driving Sustainable Practices: Our Roadmap to Eco-Friendliness & Achievements

In an era where global consciousness towards carbon footprint is rising, there is a growing consumer demand for eco-friendly packaging that upholds product integrity, without any additional costs.

Nonetheless, packaging assumes a vital role in both product protection and marketing, therefore making any modifications is a multifaceted endeavor that requires careful consideration. A thorough evaluation of factors such as product protection, efficacy, market research, and recycling policies is imperative.

We are always in pursuit of the next sustainable packaging solutions throughout our entire operations. This includes the exploration of biodegradable materials, the elimination of single-use plastic, the introduction of PET/recyclable plastic alternatives, and the implementation of refillable product options.

Our dedicated efforts have yielded fruitful results, showcasing substantial advancements in this realm. Over the past two years, Carr & Day & Martin has emerged as a leading exemplar, introducing numerous eco-conscious products and packaging alternatives. Our unwavering commitment to diminishing our carbon footprint and fostering sustainable practices remains resolute and ever-expanding.

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Progress in Sustainability: Achievements to Date

Refills: Green Solutions for Sustainability

Broadening Our Refill Pack Options for Our Eco-Conscious Customers

In recent years, we have dedicated our efforts to incorporating refill choices into our product range. Notably, we introduced a remarkable 2.5-liter refill pack for our market-leading Canter® Mane & Tail product. This innovative solution empowers customers to opt for a larger unit, enabling them to refill and reuse their 500ml spray bottle, significantly minimizing packaging waste.

Alongside these offerings, we also provide other refill options, including our convenient 5-liter bulk refill choice for the widely loved GALLOP® horse shampoo. Join us in our sustainability commitment initiatives for waste reduction by selecting a refill option from our diverse range.

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Our New Biodegradable Tack Cleaning Mitts: Sustainable Innovation

Catering to Eco-Conscious Customers: Offering an Environmentally Friendly Alternative

We are excited to introduce our biodegradable Belvoir® Tack Cleaning Mitts as they marked a significant milestone in our sustainability journey, by offering customers a greener choice in place of individually wrapped tack-cleaning wipes. Not only do these mitts significantly reduce waste, but they also forego the use of individual wrappers, resonating with customers who seek environmentally friendly alternatives without compromising on quality.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we took great pride in providing these tack-cleaning mitts that actively contribute to waste reduction and minimize our environmental footprint as part of our sustainability vision & targets set.

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Our Triumph in Replacing Single-Use Plastic with Recyclable Aluminum Bottles

Rising to the Challenge: Successful Elimination of Single-Use Bottles

We took the decision to transition from single-use plastic ‘Flairsol’ bottles to recyclable aluminum bottles for all of our spray products. This was a significant undertaking, and we are thrilled to have successfully managed the changeover while continuing to supply our customers with the same high-quality products they know and trust.

We made the choice to shift from single-use plastic ‘Flairsol’ bottles to recyclable aluminum bottles for our entire range of spray products. This transition was a notable endeavor, and we are delighted to have effectively executed the changeover without disruption of supply to our customers or compromising on the quality of these much-cherished products.

Our highly acclaimed products, including Canter® Mane & Tail, Dreamcoat, and FLYGARD®,along with their various formulations, are now conveniently packaged in recyclable aluminum bottles. This important shift not only showcases our commitment to minimizing single-use plastic waste but also reflects our responsibility as a company to proactively reduce our environmental footprint.

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Belvoir Tack Tray- Saddle Soap Carr Day Martin

Plastic Tray Removal from Heritage Brand: Belvoir Tack Conditioner

We are excited to unveil our latest eco-friendly initiative for 2023: the heritage product,Belvoir® Tack Conditioner Tray will soon be wrapped in special paper, within a convenient cardboard sleeve. This innovative update eliminates the requirement for a plastic tray while ensuring our valued customers continue to receive the same exceptional product quality.

This development represents further progress in our continuous efforts to curtail plastic usage across our entire product lineup. We sincerely hope that you share our enthusiasm for this sustainable product alternative.

Belvoir® Tack Conditioner Tray

Leading the Way: Spearheading Eco-Conscious Packaging for a Sustainable Tomorrow"

At Carr & Day & Martin, our commitment to eco-friendly packaging and sustainable choices is deeply rooted in our core values. We eagerly anticipate sharing the forthcoming milestones of our journey with you.

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Our Vision for a Greener Future

We are committed for the long term to exceed and excel for a greener future. 

Sustainability forms the bedrock of our product development, manufacturing, and packaging processes, as we wholeheartedly produce superior-quality products that cater to our customer’s requirements while reducing our environmental impact.

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond compliance as we set our sights on surpassing targets, aiming for excellence in our eco-conscious endeavors. Our vision is to pioneer sustainable manufacturing and continually innovate, ensuring a more sustainable future for our valued equine customers.

Our ultimate aim is to offer our dedicated customers an increasing range of eco-conscious product alternatives year after year, produced in manufacturing sites that prioritize environmental preservation and the welfare of our employees. #youcarewecare.

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