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Our Story

A Timeless Legacy: Upholding Quality in Horse Care from the Start

With an illustrious heritage of over 250 years, Carr & Day & Martin proudly holds an exceptional position in the equestrian world. Our journey commenced in 1765, marked by the introduction of our enduring Belvoir saddle soap in 1800, a revered formulation that has stood the test of time. A significant milestone occurred in 1820 when we were bestowed the esteemed Royal Warrant by King George, a prestigious honor that has endured throughout the reigns of 8 monarchs in the United Kingdom.

Presently, our dedication to preserving our heritage of exceptional craftsmanship and innovation prevails, as we continue to be recognized globally for our renowned horse care products. While staying true to our revered traditional formulations, we have also introduced a range tailored to the demands of the modern world, ensuring that we effectively cater to the evolving needs of equestrians, including those in the United States.

Our mission stands firm: to deliver the highest quality horse care products, supported by centuries of expertise, and bolstered by an unwavering passion for equine grooming and care.

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Our Mission and Values

From 250 Years Ago To Today

At Carr & Day & Martin, we embrace four fundamental values to guide our approach to horse care:

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    Traditional Heritage

    Since our heritage dates back 250 years, preserving tradition is of utmost importance to us. As part of our valued tradition, we remain true to time-honored formulations and craftsmanship to ensure that our products continue to reflect the rich history of our brand today.

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    Innovative Adaptation

    By blending tradition with innovation, we strive to provide cutting-edge solutions for modern equestrian needs. Combining our deep-rooted knowledge with the latest advancements, we create authentic products to meet the needs of riders in today's equestrian world.

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    Caring for our World

    Every aspect of our operations is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The welfare of all our equine companions is also deeply important to us, so we are deeply passionate about our charity partnerships and collaborations for the good of all our equine companions.

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    Unparalleled Quality and Service

    Every product we create reflects our unwavering commitment to quality. Our products undergo meticulous testing and development for quality and efficacy. As a complement to our exceptional products, we provide unparalleled customer service around the world through our care team including in America.

There is a rich heritage behind Each Of Our Sub brands

Our Carr & Day & Martin sub-brands have created their own distinguished tradition since the outset

Within the Carr & Day & Martin family, cherished heritage brands like Belvoir, Cornuscrescine, Vanner & Prest, and Berknell hold a special place, all of which have a rich legacy of top-quality horse care products over the years supported by proven formulations that have stood the test of time, earning the confidence of countless customers across generations.

Over time, we have introduced a number of newer sub-brands that complement our heritage trademarks. Among these newer innovations are the Gallop Shampoo range, Canter Mane & Tail, and FlyGard, which have swiftly acquired loyal clients due to their winning formulations and efficacy in addressing numerous equine care needs in today’s growing equestrian environment.


Our Products

Carr & Day & Martin's fundamental & core values drive our commitment to honoring tradition, promoting innovation, practicing sustainability, and delivering exceptional quality and service to horse owners worldwide every day including in America and Canada.

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Customer Reviews: Assurance of the High Quality, Effectiveness, and World Wide Recognition of Our Horse Care Range

Dive into our customer reviews from esteemed ambassadors and fans alike who have a deep admiration and unwavering loyalty for our range, which gives insights into our brand’s quality and effectiveness.

Explore our customer reviews from distinguished brand ambassadors and fans alike who have a deep respect and loyalty for our horse care range which provides insights into the quality and effectiveness of our product.

It is a true honor that our clients use our horse care products for grooming, both at home and at the biggest competitions across the world including at some of the biggest stages in America. We are always thrilled to see pictures of the results achieved from our loyal customers.

Customer Reviews