Are you eagerly anticipating the upcoming summer show season?

Seize the opportunity to do your future self a favour by using the springtime to get organized. Embrace the freshness of the season, indulge in a thorough spring cleaning, and commence the preparations to ensure your horse is show-ready. While the journey to the summer season requires effort, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Facilitating your horse’s preparation for their moment in the spotlight becomes effortless with the aid of appropriate products and grooming techniques. To embark on this journey, our comprehensive guide, “Spring Into Show Prep,” serves as the ideal starting point.


Belvoir®Step 1 Tack Cleaner Mitts

Now is the perfect moment to retrieve your show tack and give it a revitalizing touch. To commence the process, consider utilizing the innovative NEW Belvoir® Step 1 Tack Cleaner Mitts. These newly introduced mitts offer a convenient, efficient, and highly effective method for eliminating accumulated dust and dirt that may have settled during storage. With their user-friendly design, these mitts ensure a quicker and more seamless cleaning experience for your tack, bridles, and other leather items. Embrace the convenience and effectiveness of Belvoir® Step 1 Tack Cleaner Mitts as you embark on refreshing your show gear.

Easy to use disposable leather cleaning wipes for tack and saddles
Mitt shaped wiped to clean your leather

Enhance your tack cleaning kit with Belvoir® Step 1 Tack Mitt. This glove-style mitt proves to be an invaluable asset, offering unrivalled cleaning power against dirt and sweat on your leather. Its user-friendly design allows for effortless use on both sides, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience. With the inclusion of a turning tab, you can effortlessly clean both sides of your leather in a single swipe, expediting the cleaning process and simplifying the task of reaching intricate or hard-to-access areas. For particularly dirty tack, the mitt can also be utilized inside out, providing an additional cleaning boost. Each pack contains 10 sustainable and biodegradable mitts derived from bamboo, exemplifying our commitment to environmental responsibility. Experience the ultimate ease and effectiveness in tack cleaning as you use the Belvoir® Tack Cleaner Mitts like a glove. Achieve pristine results effortlessly, even in challenging-to-reach regions and intricate details. Perfect for everyday cleaning or when you’re on the go at shows, ensuring your tack always exudes its best appearance.


It is essential to follow up a leather cleaning session with a conditioner to maintain the softness, longevity, and shine of your leather.

For optimal results, we recommend the Belvoir® Step 2 Conditioner Spray. Application is effortless—simply spray the conditioner evenly onto the clean leather surface and gently massage it in using a cloth or sponge. Once dry, achieve a show-ready finish by polishing with a soft, dry cloth. This simple process ensures that your leather remains in excellent condition and ready to impress.

Leather Conditioning Spray
Clean and clear your horses skin


Gallop® Medicated Shampoo

Bid farewell to the remnants of winter by washing your horse with Gallop® Medicated Shampoo. This exceptional formula not only cleanses deeply but also offers the added benefits of coat conditioning. Specifically designed for dry, itchy, scruffy, and sensitive skin, this shampoo possesses a highly specialized formulation. With a pH-neutral composition, it contains oils that effectively soften and eliminate scabs and dandruff, promoting a soothing and calming effect on irritated coats. The shampoo’s exceptional conditioning properties result in noticeably softer hair and a lustrous coat. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for year-round use, as it aids in maintaining control over skin-related issues. Furthermore, this product serves as an excellent skin cleanser and wound rinse. When seeking to achieve a fresh coat and a radiant shine that exudes softness, Gallop® Medicated Shampoo is our go-to recommendation.


Cornucrescine Tea Tree Hoof Oil

Taking care of your horse’s hooves is crucial for their overall well-being and optimal performance. Healthy hooves are essential for proper function. To ensure your horse’s hooves are in prime condition for the upcoming show season, consider using Cornucrescine Tea Tree Hoof Oil—a modern alternative to traditional hoof oils. This exceptional product serves to maintain and safeguard the hooves, leaving behind a long-lasting shine fit for the show ring. The oil, with its rich and translucent formulation, is suitable for hooves of all colors. Enriched with tea tree oil, known for its traditional topical supportive effects, ultimately promoting your horse’s hoof health.

Adds shine to your horses hooves
Get that showring shine on your horses hooves



Is your horse struggling with dry and itchy skin? Protect their skin against rubbing and potential damage this spring with ItchGard. This remarkable lotion, derived from plant extracts such as Lemongrass, Marigold, Geranium, and Menthol Oils, offers a soothing and non-greasy solution to calm and cool irritated skin caused by itching. With its user-friendly application, this topical treatment effectively prevents rubbing resulting from insect bites or general skin irritation. ItchGard not only calms the skin but also maintains its integrity, reducing damage to the mane and tail areas caused by rubbing. By conditioning and protecting the skin and hair, this product ensures that the mane, tail, and coat are in impeccable condition for the upcoming show season. Experience the instant relief ItchGard provides to your horse as you apply it, and witness the transformation it brings to their comfort and well-being.

Stop your horse from itching
Soothing lotion for horses


If your horse is prone to dry skin and has a tendency to rub out plaits, ItchGard serves as an excellent substitute for plaiting gel. By applying ItchGard to the mane, you can not only tidy up stray hairs but also address the underlying issue of itching. This multifunctional solution reduces the need for your horse to itch, promoting a more comfortable and neat appearance.

Getting your horse mane plaits ready for a show

Getting ready and grooming for a show should be enjoyable. You want to make sure that your horse looks their best, but you don’t have to spend hours on it! All it takes is some planning ahead and quality products to be efficient with your time.

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