Summer Essentials

Get your horse looking their best for this year’s summer shows. Grooming your horse is an important part of horse care. When it comes to grooming in the summer, its important to keep them clean and cool. Make sure to brush your horse regularly to remove dirt and sweat, and use a fly repellent to keep pesky bugs away.

Tack that’s ready to show


Belvoir Step 1 & 2 Leather Spray, a dynamic duo designed to enhance and maintain your leather tack. This two-part leather care routine provides a comprehensive solution for cleaning and conditioning your cherished leather goods. Step 1 effortlessly eliminates dirt and grime, while Step 2 offers a nourishing conditioning effect, restoring the leather’s natural oils and preserving its supple texture. Convenient and user-friendly, these sprays can be directly applied to your leather, saving you time and effort. By opting for Belvoir Step 1 and 2 Leather Sprays, you are making a wise investment in the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your leather products. Additionally, prioritizing leather care is vital for ensuring your safety and minimizing the risk of breakage while enjoying your equestrian pursuits.

Best Leather Cleaner and Conditioner
Gallop Colour Enhancing Shampoo for horses

Give your horses coat the wow factor at summer shows


For those seeking to accentuate the natural beauty of their horse’s coat, Gallop Colour Enhancing Shampoo emerges as a top choice for horse owners in the US. This exceptional product has been designed to elevate the natural shine and richness of your horse’s coat, all while providing essential conditioning and nourishment to the hair. Its specialized formulation proves particularly advantageous for horses with darker coats, including bays and blacks, as it intensifies their color. Moreover, the shampoo maintains a pH balance and exhibits gentleness towards the skin, ensuring no irritation or dryness occurs. Gallop Colour Enhancing Shampoo stands as an essential companion for any horse enthusiast dedicated to preserving their horse’s impeccable appearance.

The Mane Event


Canter Mane and Tail, a globally adored grooming product that has secured its position as the number one choice among equestrians worldwide. This exceptional conditioning spray is specifically designed to untangle and soften your horse’s majestic mane and tail, resulting in a radiant and vibrant appearance. Its user-friendly application allows for direct and effortless use on your horse’s precious locks. Canter Mane & Tail provides essential protection against breakage, making grooming sessions a breeze. Canter Mane and Tail is the perfect product for those seeking to maintain an impeccable mane and tail on their horse.

The Best Horse Hair Conditioner
Cornucrescine Hoof Moisturiser

Hot to Trot this summer


Prepare your horses’ hooves for perfection in advance with the remarkable Cornucrescine Hoof Moisturiser. This enriching and nourishing formula is specifically crafted to maintain the health and strength of your horse’s hooves. The moisturiser is ingeniously designed to deeply penetrate the hoof, providing long-lasting hydration and protection. It proves particularly beneficial for horses with dry or brittle hooves, effectively preventing the occurrence of cracks and splits. Moreover, the moisturiser boasts a seamless application process, swiftly absorbing into the hooves without leaving any greasy residue. Cornucrescine Hoof Moisturiser stands as an essential investment for individuals prioritizing the optimal condition of their horse’s hooves, especially when preparing for shows or when horses are exposed to dry ground or sand arenas that may dehydrate their hooves.

Soothe your horses itch


ItchGard is a calming lotion designed to alleviate itching and discomfort caused by insect bites and skin irritations. Designed to be gentle on your horse, this lotion combines naturally derived ingredients known for their soothing and healing properties. With its effortless application and quick absorption, ItchGard ensures no residue or greasiness remains, providing optimal comfort. It proves to be an excellent solution for horses prone to insect bites or possessing sensitive skin, as it can be applied all over the body, including the face and ears. For anyone seeking to ensure their horse’s comfort and freedom from itching and irritation, ItchGard emerges as an indispensable addition to their equine care regimen.

Stop your horse itching