Dreamcoat – Ultimate coat finish;

Produces the ultimate high gloss, non-greasy finish


Outshine the competition with Dreamcoat, the ultimate high gloss finish. The unique non-slip formula highlights muscle definition and can be used on the saddle patch, leaving no grease or residue. Spray Dreamcoat onto manes and tails prior to plaiting for a high shine finish.


Spray the fine mist over the body, mane & tail for the ultimate even application. Brush to polish.

Size: 500ml, 1 Liter


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“First impressions of CDM Dream Coat Conditioning Spray.
I really liked this conditioner. It is advertised as a spray you can use in the saddle area, because itss supposed to create a shine without creating the slick surgace many conditioning sprays can cause, which as anyone who rides knows, can be a real issue. Especially, when you need your horse to shine all over at a show.
I am happy to say the CDM Dream Coat did live up to that advertiseng claim. The saddle did not slip even during canter and she felt secure.
The shine was absolutely beautiful! Definitely show worthy and amazed at how much the coat glowed after this product was applied.
All the hoomans gasped at how much I glowed after using Dream Coat, they almost meeded sun glasses to look at me”

AP Beauefard, apbeauregard

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