March 2021

Why Care For Your Tack


Once a leather item is in use, microscopic cracks and splits occur in the leather. These cracks provide an entry site for water, dirt, grime, grease and salt from sweat, which work their way into the leather.

This weakens and damages the collagen and protein fibres in the Corium eventually causing irreparable cracks and splits. This together with heat, can cause drying, cracking and hardening. However with regular care and maintenance, this can be avoided.

If leather is properly maintained it can remain functional, supple and in good condition for many years and importantly retain its value.

The type of finish used dictates how the saddle or bridle should be cared for. For example, aniline leather is easily stained and so you should be aware that conditioners containing dyes or oils may permanently darken the appearance of the leather. On the other hand pigmented items tend not to be as absorbent to conditioners, particularly when new, so use a conditioner sparingly but often.

As a general rule when cleaning, conditioning and oiling, always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.


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